Old Tree in Mooresville Cemetery

I have lived in Alabama since 1995. I was amazed at all the natural beauty this state has to offer. From parks, to waterfalls and historical buildings. I am writing about places I have visited in these past years, and hope to pst plenty of photos ad storied of places I plan to visit in the years to come. From its beaches to its mountains, Alabama is a beautiful state, and I hope to give you beautiful visions of it.

I have another blog as well, mainly about genealogy and cemeteries. This is why I had to create this. I wanted to show some of the interesting things about the state in which I live. ALl the photos you will see are what I have taken over the years. Enjoy!

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. For nature lover’s Albama is the first choice to visit. Albama offers lots of natural parks and adventours places for visitors and has number of mesuems to visit. There is lots of attraction for visitors in Albama.

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